Douglas Michael


My life as a cartoonist and what that taught me about baking bread, sprouted grains, and running a company

From a life-changing tick bite (yes, followed by Lymes Disease), to a pivot from a career as a cartoonist to embracing a mission to “Let food be your medicine,” Douglas Michael will share his journey of creating a non-inflammatory, non reactive line of breads and granolas based on sprouted grains rather than flour. He will also present the nutritional knowledge he gained by working with nutritionist Lyn-Genet Recitas while, in the process, building and growing a profitable, yet unconventional business, and how he plans to take it into the future.


Michael established Columbia County Bread in 2013. Operating out of his home kitchen in Bloomsburg, PA. Columbia County Bread & Granola’s success.

Benefitted from early collaboration with NY Times bestselling author and nutritionist Lyn-Genet Recitas. Today, CCB&G bakes a full line of sprouted grain breads, pita, crackers along with their line of flax-based granolas and snack  bars.  

CCB&G regularly records six figure sales from both Amazon and its own website,  Additional sales are generated thru its distributor, Garden Spot Foods as well as a growing list local health food stores, hospitals and specialty retail outlets.

The company is preparing to move into a new facility with a retail storefront scheduled to open sometime this summer.